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Whether your abuela is basically like Jane’s abuela from Jane the Virgin where the bible is the end all, be all of all major decisions, there are a few traditions that are unique to religious Latino households. Even if you’re Latino family isn’t religious, there’s a chance you’re guilty of a least one of these religious cliches. Here are a few signs that you grew up in a religious Latino home.

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Chances are you’ve got a few of these stashed away for a rainy day. Ranging from Virgin de la Guadeloupe, el Niño Jesus, y San Jose, these are a go-to whenever you’re in need. Need a relative to recover? Encendemos una velita. Need a good grade on an exam? Encendemos una velita.




Forget your license or a full tank of gas, there’s only one thing you need before you get behind the wheel of a car, and that’s a set of rosary beads hanging from your rearview mirror. Wooden, glass or metal, the bigger the better.


Baby Jesus Cards


I’ll bet you anything you’ve got one of these hung up on your fridge, tucked behind a photo frame, at your bedside table, on your dashboard and in your wallet. Gotta make sure el niño Jesus is always looking out for you. 


La bendicion


“Que Dios te bendiga,” is a phrase that you’ve probably heard repeated a thousand times in your household. Before you went to school, on your way out and right before bed, mama or abuela always had to make sure you were #blessed. 




Drake might think he’s got a lot of chains in "Pop Style," but you’ve been rocking chains since you were two years old. Whether it was a crucifix or la virgen, you always had to have one of these around your neck for protection. 




Sunday brunch with the squad? Too bad. Your butt better be in a pew on Sunday morning singing take me to la iglesia.