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Nothing unites Latinos like dishing about all the insane crap we were put through as kids. Yes, all children are put through the ringer, but do kids from other races ever get threatened with the chancla, specifcally? 

If you thought you were the only one to suffer through the Latinsanity, think again. We found a ton of other hilarious and heartwarming tweets under the hashtag #GrowingUpHispanic that made us laugh and say "yup, me too!" 


Your friends had a better social life than you.

Clean home > literally anything else. 


"On time" is a foreign concept.

Curb sitters for life. 


Parents don't change their ways.

You'll always have a home-cooked meal, though.


Weird punishments are common.

You were there the whole time!


Why does this happen every single time!?

I haven't talked to this person since I was five years old, but that means nothing to them.


Dinnertime struggles be like.

Cause if the food gets cold, you're in worse trouble.


There's no off day at home.

It's a party every single day.


The resemblance is uncanny.

Praise the Lord!


It's like she knows you on every level.

And then you find it hard to utter a word.


This stuff hits you like a ton of bricks.

You can't see, you can't breathe, and your mom is like no big deal.


The one day that is all yours and you still look like a fool.

You literally can't win.


Expect the unexpected

There's either salsa in there, or a bunch of coins. But you'll never actually know until you peek inside. Good luck.


You will earn that dollar and make it count!

Working hard is all we know.


It's never too hot for soup.

And you will eat every last drop or else!


Well, it was right?

Then you grow up and find out the truth and realize your whole life was a lie.


If you don't have this in your house consider yourself dead.

We have at least four jars of the stuff.


It never fails.

And you love your mom even more after she smacks you with it.

The struggle is real for Latinos and we wouldn't have it any other way.