Junot Díaz's first-ever children's book sounds exactly like what the market was missing: a story about young Dominican girls living in the Bronx.

The New York Times best-selling author's goddaughters served as the inspiration for the "Islandborn" picture book.

Junot Díaz wrote a kid’s book about growing up Dominican
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He explained to The New York Times that when his goddaughters were young, they asked him to write a book with characters that resembled them. 

"Behind their request was this longing for books and stories that resonated for them and included them, and opened a space where they could be protagonists in the world," he said

And although they asked him for this 20 years ago, Díaz is a man of his word.

It's also a story that Díaz relates to on a personal level, as he's seen a lack of representation in his industry.

"It ties to my own Dominican immigrant identity. It was an absence I felt acutely," he noted.

The story follows a Dominican-born girl named Lola, who is growing up in Washington Heights and trying to reconnect with her island roots thanks to a school project. 

It will include themes of immigration, multiculturalism, and belonging. Pretty incredible topics to introduce to young readers, right?

Although the work of fiction is catered to a younger audience, EVERYONE is excited to get their hands on a copy.

While it's slated to be released in March 2018, we have a feeling that the hype isn't going to die down any time soon.

People deserve to see themselves across any and all forms of art.

It's exactly what the world needs: diverse stories.

Thank you, Díaz!