Fashion is an important element in everyone’s lives. People can choose different styles from countless brands to help represent themselves to the world. But for Daniel Buezo and Weleh Dennis, there wasn’t anything on the market that helped signify their immigrant roots.

The two Californians, with fashion backgrounds, decided to come up with their own brand called Kids of Immigrants. By adding powerful messages onto thrifted items, the designers have created their own way of speaking out against president Trump.

The first-generation Americans teamed up to create clothes for children of immigrants who have felt the turmoil caused by Trump. The Kids of Immigrants clothing is unique with flags patched onto it with hand-stitched messages like “Support your friends,” “Do it together,” and “Spread love.” The colorful and bold designs transform shirts, hoodies, and jackets. 

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A post shared by KOI (@kidsofimmigrants) on

Buezo, one of the designers and a 28-year-old stylist, said:

"We aren’t blind to what is going on. Here is how we express ourselves to feel better. We exist to show love."

A new collection is created weekly and released on Thursday. People have responded well to their work as most of their pieces are sold out of the Kids of Immigrants site. They’ve also gained support from celebrities like Kehlani, and rappers Big Sean and Lil Uzi Vert. 

Kehlani’s stylist is actually Buezo. She sported a shirt that read “My President Is The People” at a performance. 

Buezo told i-D:

"Culture to us is ingenuity. It’s making something out of nothing. You can try and buy all of these things to seem cool, but for us it’s about going back to everything that our parents taught us, making the best of what we have."

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Big Sean also supports the movement, buying two of the first pieces created, which he wore while on tour with Rihanna. He later donned a jacket on “Saturday Night Live” that read, “Bless The Team" and a "Biggie Smalls" hoodie. 

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Dennis, who is of Liberian descent, wants the brand to be a source of positivity for others:

"We want Kids of Immigrants to uplift the people. We know the negative [actions] taking place, but we’d rather focus on our own and empower them to take control of their lives. I believe there is more power in the people than there is with the President."

Though the creators have been successful, they have not forgotten about those in need. Buezo and Dennis also help the homeless community in Los Angeles as well as donate money to organizations.