Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been dragged time and time again for cultural appropriation — and yet here we are again.

The Jenner sisters posted a now-deleted photo to their joint fashion label's Instagram account, and people couldn't help but notice that it was ripping off Chola culture.

It was a promo image for their $145 plaid shirt.

Twitter user @lipstickittty took a screenshot of the image and wrote, "@KendallJenner @KylieJenner will you ever come up with your own ideas? #culturevultures."

The tweet quickly made the rounds on social media and it's safe to say that people were PISSED.

Even Kat Von D joined the backlash by calling them "damn posers."


Many who criticized the Jenners for using culture as costume yet again provided a link to the piece "The Folk Feminist Struggle Behind the Chola Fashion Trend," which perfectly tackles the issue.

"The chola identity was conceived by a culture that dealt with gang warfare, violence, and poverty on top of conservative gender roles. The clothes these women wore were more than a fashion statement—they were signifiers of their struggle and hard-won identity," Barbara Calderón-Douglass wrote

And this is exactly why it's problematic AF — one more time for the people in the back:

This isn't the first time the Kardashian-Jenner krew was culturally insensitive to Latinxs, either. Remember when Kim Kardashian thought it was OK to sell a prayer candle with her face on it?!

It caused major controversy and Kim low-key responded by wearing a black mesh dress WITH AN IMAGE OF THE VIRGIN MARY ON IT. It was a huge middle finger to the critics and all the proof people needed to know that she honestly doesn't care. 

As much as we hope that the Kardashian-Jenners will learn from their offensive mistakes, we're not going to hold our breath.