Jasmine Dena is a 19-year-old Latina who has the internet in tears after she shared her discovery that her late abuela had a way with words.

Dena took to Twitter to post the heartwarming discovery that her abuela was a poet — and there was a poem her grandma dedicated just for her.

"I found out my abuela who passed away years ago was a freaking poet and I'm reading her poetry... turn the page... she wrote a poem about me," she wrote.

Her abuela Elisa Guerrero passed away in 2011, when Dena was only 13 years old. She had been battling brain cancer for years before she died.

Dena went straight to work and translated the piece from Spanish to English...

... and beautiful doesn't even begin to describe what her grandmother evoked in her writing.

"My abuela was an immigrant from Jerez Zacatecas, Mexico, with an only elementary school education. She worked till the end to share her art and love," Dena told Fresh U.

Dena was overcome with so much emotion — and it completely makes sense.

She told Remezcla, "I felt such unconditional love. I wanted to thank her and tell her I love and miss her so so so so much."

She wasn't the only one who lost it. Her story went viral and people shared how much it touched them, too.

The reactions were SPOT ON.


*brb, gotta grab some more tissues*

After the overwhelming response to her grandmother's poetry, she called her abuelo to let him know about all the love his late wife was receiving.

The cherry on top? Dena is going to memorialize Guerrero's poetry online since her work was published in the book, "Antologia Poetica Del Jerezano Ausente," which is no longer in print.

She wrote, "Hey guys!!! I'm scanning the rest of her poems and will be creating an online book for her (my abuela) soon!!!"

We're sure abuela would be proud.