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Have you ever second-guessed a decision in the way you act or even what you wear because you were afraid it would play into a stereotype? Well, you aren't alone. We've rounded up some of the most popular things Latinas are a bit nervous about wearing or doing because of stereotypes that exist. Let us know if you can relate. 

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Wearing hoop earrings

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Actor Christina Igaraividez nailed it so perfectly in this video making a reference to debating whether or not to wear hoop earrings because of, um, being called J. Lo at work. It happens. It is real. And it's annoying. But don't fret. Rock those hoop earrings! Gretchen Wiener would be proud. 


Laughing loud at work, public places, etc.

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Of course, it's unfair to say that only Latinos talk or laugh loudly. We do not have enough eye roll for holding back when you really want to let loose. Stereotypes have officially ruined "emotional loudness" as The Flama so cleverly covered in its "Latino Field Studies" parody. But what if you really are excited about something?! What do you do then? Just laugh because YOLO. 


Wearing name plate necklaces

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Latinas have been rockin' their name plates loud and proud years before Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, but somewhere along the line wearing this accessory became equated with being "ghetto" and that is just not cool. We could care less about what people think but can't help but wonder when Latinas will just own wearing our name plate jewelry without being pigeonholed. Bottom line: Wear your name plate loud and proud. 


Speaking Spanish at work

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For fear that people will think you are talking behind their back, but really you are just talking to your mom on the phone to teach her how to unlock her phone without you around. Just keep in mind that you have this beautiful gift of speaking TWO languages. Girl, that's amazing. 


Not playing by the rules

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This again plays into the notion that all "Latinas are spicy" individuals and we are not playing into the rules because we are "hot blooded creatures." However, this is not to say that there are some Latinas out there who are natural rebels but it is not because they are Latina. It's because they are just rebels. Even though we know the difference, it can be a bit nerve-racking to be the one who speaks up knowing you might be the only one. Remember: Choose your battles wisely and be tactful when you do speak up. 


Wearing a red dress to an event, party, etc

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Blame it on Hollywood for perpetuating this notion of the so-called sexy Latina in a skin-tight dress. But what about Latinas who actually want to wear a skin-tight red dress to an event or wedding? There's a tiny part of us that gets nervous about rockin' that particular look. But don't! If you love red, just wear the damn dress. Who cares what people think?