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Villanueva isn't the only Latino that was recently killed at the hands of police officers.

On July 4, officers fatally shot 18-year-old Anthony Nunez in San Jose, California. According to a local ABC news outlet, "San Jose police were called to a Feller Avenue house because someone inside was despondent." 

"It was 18-year-old Nunez, who already had grazed his head when police say he pointed a handgun at his head," ABC reported. 

According to this report, officers allegedly spent 14 minutes trying to reason with the suspect. Nunez allegedly pointed a gun at officers when two of them shot him.

Again, without video footage of this incident family and friends are trying to comprehend why officers didn't allow them to intervene and defuse the situation. 

Both of these Latino men have been added the Guardian's interactive tracking of people killed by police in the United States.

photo: Screen grab

Of the 561 killed by police this year, 86 are Latino. 

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