There's a shocking reason why our abuelitos are pushing 90 and are still walking around like it's no big thing: New evidence shows that Latinos age slower than most other groups! 

A new study, conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles, shows just how they came to this exciting discovery about aging and Latinos, and their information also discloses even more great news for Latinas.

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Back in 2013, lead author Steve Horvath began studying the human biological clock and measuring the age of most human tissues.

"My goal in inventing this age-predictive tool is to help scientists improve their understanding of what speeds up and slows down the human aging process," Horvath said in 2013 about this cool and revolutionary form of study. 

Horvath and his team analyzed 18 sets of data on DNA samples from nearly 6,000 people. His study has now revealed that Latinos live longer than Caucasians, although Latinos display higher rates of diabetes and other diseases. He called this weird conundrum the "Hispanic paradox."

"Our study helps explain this by demonstrating that Latinos age more slowly at the molecular level," Horvath said.

The participants represented seven ethnicities: two African groups, African-Americans, Caucasians, East Asians, Latinos and an indigenous people called the Tsimane, who are genetically related to Latinos and live in Bolivia.

After examining all of the DNA, they found that the health of a person's immune system is linked to their ethnicity. The cell composition of Latinos and the Tsimane people showed that they age more slowly than other groups. 

Horvath said the slower aging rate of Latinos balances out their higher health risks, particularly those who suffer from obesity and inflammation. 

"Our findings strongly suggest that genetic or environmental factors linked to ethnicity may influence how quickly a person ages and how long they live," Horvath said in the press release.

What is even more revealing is that the Tsimane people age even slower than Latinos!

So while Latinos age two years slower than white people, Tsimanians age four years slower than white people.

Co-author Michael Gurven, a professor of anthropology at University of California, Santa Barbara, said that regardless of various infection, Tsimane people have stellar immune systems.

And here's another bit of good news: Post-menopausal Latinas are chemically two years younger than others.

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So we have something to look forward to. . . a much longer life than most people, and even longer life than men!

The cool study backs up actual numbers, which shows that Latinos live an average of three years longer than white people.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Latinos have a life expectancy of 82 compared to white people at 79. Also, a study by the American Journal of Public Health shows that Latino adults face a 30% lower risk of death than other racial groups.

Of course, Vivala's readers are thrilled by this really cool fact about Latinos.

As you can see Latinos have a great sense of humor, which backs up another study that we reported on earlier this year that showed Latinos have happiness in their DNA

We also mentioned a poll that showed despite being plagued with violenceunstable economies in their home countries, and right here in the United States who've been subjected to insults and discrimination for decades, Latinos are still generally happier than non-Latinos. And that positivity can go a very long way.