It's time to throw out those standard, basic-as-hell pine tree air fresheners because we've discovered Fúchila Fresheners. These Latinx-inspired air fresheners are going to take your space from zero to 100 real quick.

Chicano artist Ruben Dario Villa founded Fúchila Fresheners because he was tired of seeing the "feo little green trees" on people's rearview mirrors.

"I designed a line of air fresheners that not only look and smell great, but you can hang with orgullo from your mirror (even long after the smell has faded). No gas station air fresheners ni que nada!" he wrote on his company's site.

He designed his smell-good products after iconic Latinx people he grew up idolizing.

This Frida Kahlo freshener doesn't just look badass — it has a plumeria scent, which is perfect for the floral-wearing Mexican painter.

La Mera Frida ($5, Fúchila Fresheners)

We're kind of freaking out over this Mexicons Art collaboration.

It features El Chavito, Kiko Jr., and La Chilindrincita.

"La Vencida" by Haydee Yanez of Mexicons Art ($25, Fúchila Fresheners)

Don't even get us started on these incredible women. Amazing doesn't even begin to cut it.

It's another collaboration series with Tony Peralta of the Peralta Project, and it features some of the most legendary Latinas of their time. 

Celia Cruz smells like mint, Selena Quintanilla smells like rose, and Frida Kahlo smells like watermelon. 

"Con Rolos" by Peralta Project ($25, Fúchila Fresheners)

Naturally, this brand also has some sweet treats fresheners that will make every Latinx feel nostalgic.

Of course this pan dulce piece smells like sweet cinnamon. Of course.

La Conchita ($5, Fúchila Fresheners)

This is the only mazapan that won't break into a million little pieces.

Mazapan ($5, Fúchila Fresheners)

And say goodbye to running after a paletero man with this air freshener.


Paletero Cart ($5, Fúchila Fresheners)

It's safe to say that we're never going to buy a boring air freshener again now that we know these exist!

You can check out the current available selection by clicking here.

And if that wasn't enough, you can also buy sticker versions of the car fresheners right here.