Even when the internet overwhelmingly feels like everything is burning to the ground, you can still come across a post or a video that restores your faith in humanity.

Case in point: People can’t get over how pure this video of Mexicans and Punjabis dancing together is.

It already has 14 million views — and it's been up for less than a week on Facebook.

The comments are flooded with the best responses we've seen in a long time, if we're keeping it real.

People can't stop talking about how beautiful it is to see two cultures come together and have the time of their lives on America's Independence Day.

We're honestly jealous we weren't invited to be a part of this epic moment.

The positivity being displayed by two different communities really had people in their feels.

"This is the America they don't want you to see."

With the current political climate, this is exactly what the world needs right now.

And we have these Twitter users to thank for capturing the most LIT 4th of July neighborhood party in existence.

So thank you, Jahandeep Kahlon (@JKahlon35) and Jesse (@iamjessesingh) for being the real MVPs.