In a recent episode of Viceland’s "Earthworks,"  R&B singer Miguel went to Mexico to get in touch with his roots. 

He took a trip to Michoacán — where his father is from — with his dad and brother for the very first time to connect with his culture and finally meet his Mexican family.

"Most people solely think of me as a Black artist," he said. "But there's a reason why my name is Miguel."

While he was there, he visited a radio station where his abuela used to sing and work at.

He admitted that even though he's performed at hundreds of other locations across the world, he's never felt as nervous as he did that day because he wanted to make his family proud.

At the radio station, Miguel, his father, and his brother performed the song "Contigo" by Los Panchos — one of his grandparents' favorite songs. 

It was an emotional experience for him because he realized the major role his grandma played in giving them a better life.

"My grandmother had a passion for music and she got married to my grandfather and they had a family. After getting married and having children, my grandmother moved up to the states to hopefully bring the family over; she started as a cleaning lady. Piece by piece, the family started coming up," he said. 

"She had to sacrifice and somehow that spirit and determination has gotten me to where I am. So coming back to where it all starts for us is really impactful."

It was also a beautiful and heartwarming moment when he met an entire side of his family he had never known before.

He explained this trip gave him a stronger relationship to his heritage.

"What I appreciate most about my Latino heritage is that I have a really strong sense of family."

Mexico felt like home to him because "family is family."

And it was moving to see his family welcome him in such a warm and loving way.

You can watch the full video below.

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