The anti-Muslim sentiment in this country has grown uglier by the day since the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris that killed over 130 people. Republican presidential candidates, like Donald Trump, have only fueled this growing wave of Islamophobia by proposing things like closing mosques, registering American Muslims, and shutting down the border to all Muslim immigrants, including Syrian refugees. Yet Latinos have become the fastest-growing group of Muslims in America.

We spoke to four Muslim Latinas from New York City about their journeys converting to Islam and how today's political climate has impacted their lives. Zainab Ismail, Shailie Nieves, Mariana Aguilera, and Aamilah Vilchez stopped by our studios to share some of the misconceptions and prejudices they've experienced as Muslims. To get to know these lovely ladies a little bit better, click below to read extended profiles of their experiences:

Aamilah Vilchez on Being a Muslim Latina and Fashion Designer

Mariana Aguilera on Being a Muslim and Mexican American

Shailie Nieves on Growing Up in a Puerto Rican Muslim Family

How Being Muslim Inspired Zainab Ismail to Give Back