A drunk racist who decided to scream the n-word on a crowded train in New York City got his ass handed to him by a group of offended commuters. In the viral video of the incident, the man, who was found and dubbed "Lime-A-Rita guzzling Paul Lawson" by the New York Daily News, was kicked off the train, but not before getting a face full of hot soup from rapper Princess Nokia.

In the video, Lawson taunts people by claiming he's a lawyer, dropping an F-bomb, then saying the n-word over and over again.

This set several people over the edge, who do everything from let him know he's being recorded and will be exposed for his bigotry to threatening to punch him in the face. Ultimately, they push him off the train.

Lawson resists, and that is when Nokia — wearing a printed dress and burgundy shoes — steps into the frame. We see her drench him in hot soup and throw kicks at him to keep him off as he tries to get back in to retrieve a bag he said was his property.

The artist of Afro-Puerto Rican descent, whose real name is Destiny Frasqueri, took to Twitter to explain that she was standing up for a group of teenagers who were being harassed by Lawson. She proudly let everyone know that she was the person who threw the soup.

Frasqueri admitted that what she did was dangerous, but she refused to let this act of bigotry pass.

And while there were people in her mentions who disagreed with her actions, there were plenty of fans who were HERE FOR IT.

Lawson's tirade was completely inexcusable. You can see a full video of the incident below.