Another day, another video surfacing of a Latino being racially harassed by someone because they speak Spanish.

Yasmany Rodriguez went into a 7-Eleven asking to buy a pack of cigarettes when a store employee began to verbally assault him for not speaking perfect English.

When the clerk asked him what kind of cigarettes Rodriguez wanted, he responded in Spanish — and that set the worker off.

He began yelling,

"Are you in this country illegally?!"

Rodriguez started filming the incident on his phone when other people in the store began to defend him, which made the employee even more furious.

The man repeatedly shouted, "Do you have papers?"

The situation grew intense as the man continued to aggressively scream at the bystanders and Rodriguez.

"Why doesn't he speak English if he's an American citizen?" the employee said.

Rodriguez IS a legal US citizen who moved from Cuba to Florida two years ago.

ABC Action News reports, "He is a legal US citizen who came after his mother petitioned for him under the Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program." 

Attorney George Lorenzo has also confirmed Rodriguez works full-time and is strengthening his English-speaking skills.

After news broke, 7-Eleven, Inc issued a statement about the rant.

A spokesperson said via email, "Every customer is important. The statements made by the sales associate were inappropriate and offensive. We are investigating the matter and will ensure it is handled appropriately."

A manager for the store also followed up and said it had been handled, but did not expand on whether or not the employee had been fired.

Although the video was less than 30 seconds long, it's enough to show what many Spanish-speaking Latinxs have been experiencing since Donald Trump took office.

Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric and comments about Latinos — specifically Mexicans — have heightened racial-based attacks against this community.

Just last month, a racist harassed a Latino for speaking to his mother in Spanish on the phone and was heard saying, "Trump is going to fix this. He doesn't understand this is Trump's America now."

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like these occurrences will let up anytime soon. 

You can watch the full video here.