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Latinos are the third fastest growing minority group behind individuals claiming two or more races. But how many of them are keeping up with American culture?

To find out, financial planning site WalletHub analyzed and compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia, measuring how well Latinos have adapted to mainstream American society relative to where they live. They used 17 key indicators of integration that looked at "English proficiency" to "educational attainment" to Latino "homeownership rate," and the results are very surprising.  

California, New York, and Texas have the largest Latino populations in the U.S. — but that doesn't mean those Latinos are the most integrated to "American" culture.

Instead, the states below are the ones with the most integrated Latinos. Is yours one of them?



Tennessee scored the #10 slot with the lowest unemployment rate among Latinos, and high testing scores.



Although gaining slowing within its 4% Latino population, Missouri scored pretty fair in English proficiency and test scores. 



Not only did Alaska place as the #1 state that shows the lowest Latino poverty rate but they also have the lowest unemployment rate among Latinos as well. Not bad for a state with 7% Latino population.



Latinos only make up 3% of Kentucky's population, however, they have more Latinos graduate from college and have very high math and reading test scores.



Hawaii nicely came in as one of the top states where Latinos are homeowners. Latinos make up 10% of its population and also showed high proficiency in English. 



Florida, which boasts 24% Latinos in its population, came in at #5 showing the most integrated Latinos. They also show high math and reading test scores among Latinos.



The median age of Latinos in Montana is 22, and the report shows that state has the highest proficiency of English among Latinos. 



Latinos make up 5% of its population and the report shows they have the #1 highest math and reading test scores.



Not only is Vermont home to Senator Bernie Sanders, but it placed the top 2 spot on where you can find the most "Americanized" Latinos. 

Despite Vermont's .9% population, they have the lowest Latino poverty rate and the scored high on English proficiency. 


West Virginia

 Where can you find the most assimilated Latinos? West Virginia!

Although Latinos only make up 1.2% of West Virginia's population, the report found that the state also had the highest percentage of Latinos with at least a bachelor's degree, and the highest median annual income.

Click here for the full report and to see where your state ranks