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The funny thing about being a loud talker is that half the time we’re not even aware of it — honestly! We really do think we’re talking at a normal volume, until someone either shushes us or asks why we’re shouting. The worst part about being a loud talker is that the act of whispering is pretty much impossible. Honestly, I’ve given up on trying. What people don’t get is that I really don’t do it on purpose. Trust me, I was born this way. Here are 12 struggles everyone that can’t whisper can totally relate to!

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You don’t understand the point of a whisper

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It’s hard for you to grasp why anyone would intentionally want to lower their voice like that. Seriously, who came up with this crazy concept anyway?


You’re literally incapable of whispering

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You’ve tried and failed. You weren’t born to speak so softly. It’s not natural.


You don’t know you’re not whispering until someone points it out

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The constant criticism makes you want to just give up all together. Forget it then!


You can’t talk about people when they’re around

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Your lack of whispering skills pretty much guarantees that they’ll hear you, so you’ve learned to avoid it altogether and communicate with facial expressions.

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Everyone around you serves as your volume control

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Your friends, your family, your boss, the person all the way on the other side of the restaurant ­— everyone!


You’re constantly being told to stop yelling

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Excuse me, this is how I talk!


You don’t know what an inside voice is

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Um, what’s that?


Please lower your voice the baby is sleeping

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Ugh, people with kids are so sensitive.


Somebody shushing you is straight up offensive

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I’m officially never talking to you again.


Even if you’re not the only one talking at work, you’re the one who gets blamed

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Because you’re the only one they can hear.


If you ARE able to whisper, it’s because you have a sore throat and you can’t actually talk louder

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And it still sounds more like a donkey than a whisper.


You get excited when you meet other loud-talkers

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But the people that have to hear you both aren’t.