Maybe it's time to kick it old school and start sending hand-written letters again because the 2017 U.S. Postal Service’s stamps are amazing.

The new stamp themes vary from sharks to 'Love Skywriting' but what caught our eyes — and made our stomachs grumble — was the 'Delicioso' pack.

USPS will be releasing a booklet of 20 stamps that celebrates Latino cuisines.

"With the release of the new Delicioso Forever stamps, the Postal Service celebrates the influence of Central and South American, Mexican and Caribbean foods on American cuisine," the USPS site states.

The first six dishes have been released and they were designed by John Parra. Try not to drool as you look at them:

Parra is known for his Latino-centric art, which makes this collaboration all the sweeter.

The artwork above is from the book, "P is for Piñata, A Mexico Alphabet."

This isn't the first time USPS honored Latino culture. In July of this year, they dedicated a stamp to an east Los Angeles teacher: Jaime Escalante.

The press release announced, "As a result of staying committed to his belief that all students can learn, kids who had been written off as undisciplined, uninterested, unmanageable and unruly were given a real opportunity at learning. In return his students showed the world that one opportunity was really all that they needed.” 

A ceremony for the stamp was held during the League of United Latin American Citizens’ (LULAC) 87th annual convention.

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Even though it's unclear what other mouthwatering foods will be included in the pack, one thing's for sure: we're gonna send all of our tias, tios, abuelas y abuelos some letters next year just to use these stamps.

Food is a way that connects cultures, and now we can share our love for food and family cross-country. 

Thanks USPS, now we're really craving some chiles rellenos!