Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse than Halloween stores selling border patrol costumes in this current political climate...

... Party City came all the way through with a wall costume that's an even bigger slap in the face to the immigrant community.

There is nothing funny or light about the toxic rhetoric currently surrounding this group, especially for the Mexican community, which has been a direct target of President Donald Trump's demonizing words and policy – including his proposed border wall.

The internet wasted no time in calling it out. Clearly, it's the perfect look for racist assholes.

But not everyone was ready to come for Party City's neck. Their argument? The costume could be a Pink Floyd reference.

The vague description on the website left some gray area:

"Use this Wall Costume for adults to create a unique Halloween look! This tunic has the appearance of a brick wall complete with a red brick pattern and a headline that reads The Wall. Comfortable and versatile, use this adult costume with other accessories to create your very own Halloween costume."

Some even went as far as to say that the obvious differences in the design could simply have been a way to avoid being accused of copyright infringement. However, the suggested accessories for the costume say something completely different.

Scroll down and you'll find that a Trump wig and bronzer are listed under the accessories section.

Coincidence? You decide.

Whatever the inspiration for this costume may be, anyone with a sensitive bone in their body can see how it can be interpreted as wildly inappropriate.

Do better, Party City!

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h/t: Teen Vogue