America Ferrera is celebrating her body on her 33 birthday.

In a beautiful Instagram post, the actress wrote:

"At 33, I finally understand that my body is a miracle! After too many years of criticizing, punishing, depriving, or neglecting my body for what it isn't, I'm attempting to love it unapologetically as it is! Thank you body for 33 years of standing with me even when I wasn't on your side. I promise from here on out to stand by you and face down all the criticism and bullshit distractions (inner & outer), so that we can move beyond beautiful and get to the business of living! Thank you to these amazing humans and so many more who have inspired me to celebrate my health and strength! Get you some friends who remind you to celebrate your strong, healthy, loyal body!"

Ferrera's honest, inspiring words resonated with many people who have similar feelings about their bodies.

Body image issues are so real that an estimated 89% of American women are unhappy with their weight.

It's easy to say "there's nothing to be ashamed of, 90% of women and 10% of men have cellulite," but learning to love your body isn't as simple as reading stats and automatically feeling better. 

It also served as a great reminder for all people who struggle with loving their bodies.

The cherry on top is that Ferrera didn't glorify weight loss or project an image of what bodies should look like. She simply vocalized how proud she was of embracing her body in all of its glory.

It isn't the first time Ferrera has addressed the topic of trying to be perfect either. In an interview with Redbook, the Latina opened up about the pressure of placing value on your appearance. "I grew up believing a lot of things about myself that I had to unlearn — things that pertain to being a good woman, things about my weight or height," she said. "As women, you’re taught that your value is all about your appearance, not your ideas and your tenacity and your courage and your bravery and your adventurous spirit."

Ferrera's openness about her own body image journey is helping people heal and feel great about themselves — whether she knows it or not.

So thank you and happy birthday, Ferrera!