America Ferrera has been a champion of LGBTQ, immigrant, and women's rights. Her passion to drive change for these communities has been heard at political conventions and rallies, and she constantly uses her social media platforms to continue the necessary conversations around said issues. In other words: She "talks the talk and walks the walk."

So when one of Ferrera's posts of solidarity with immigrants was deleted from Instagram, it makes one wonder about the level of censorship in today's political climate.

Naturally, Ferrera re-shared her words because she will not be silenced.

She addressed the removal of her original post at the beginning of her inspiring note. Ferrera wrote, "Ummm... somehow this got deleted so I'm reposting. Anybody else get those twilight zone feelings when technology does things to you, and you're like, 'Wtf?! Technology is out to get me!'"

Although it may have ~mysteriously~ disappeared, Ferrera won’t let anything stop her from explaining exactly why immigrants are great.

"Forever the proud daughter of Honduran Immigrants. I am a proud American who honors the contributions that my family and fellow immigrants make to this land every single day. Yes, the Dreamers, college graduates, doctors, lawyers, artists, and police officers, but also the farm workers, housekeepers, dishwashers, car parkers, child rearers, street vendors... I stand with ALL immigrants, because it's not our educational status that makes us worthy of dignity. The fact that we are human beings is what makes us deserving of being treated with decency and humanity. May our love and protection of our immigrant brothers and sisters extend far beyond the end of #immigrantheritagemonth." 

She also posted a video of her participating in a challenge that donates money to a nonprofit organization that helps immigrants.

She did this while she was on her 12-year anniversary vacation trip because social activism never sleeps.

It's further proof this woke Latina is as real as it gets.

Her decision to repost her empowering views on immigrants is something a lot of people need right now.

Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric toward immigrants — both legal and undocumented — has emboldened others to act on their racist views.

The increase of detentions and deportations of immigrants protected by programsgreen card applicants, and US citizens alike has also caused great distress throughout the nation.

So to have a prominent public figure like Ferrera talk about immigrants in a positive light reinstalls a feeling of hope and pride. 

America Ferrera truly is a phenomenal woman.