Brie Larson is an Academy Award-winning actress, but no amount of money or fame will stop her from raising awareness about issues that matter. She isn't afraid to be a vocal advocate for sexual assault survivors and women's rights, and recently told Huffington Post, "For me, filmmaking has always been a form of activism and an incredible way for us to connect and bring more humanity into our lives."

The strong and passionate actress is an empowered woman, and when she dedicated a post to another inspirational woman we love, we nearly fell out of our seats.

Larson chose Selena Quintanilla as her #WCW and shared some of La Reina's most honest words of wisdom.

The first quote was one where Selena addressed sexism within the entertainment industry.

"Tejano music was hard for us because I was a girl. My dad had a lot of problems while trying to set up shows for us or presentations because there are a lot of men who don't think that women can get the attention of the public. But... wrong!"

Larson also included one of the Latina's most noted and meaningful statements about being proud of her culture.

"I feel very proud to be Mexican. I didn't have the opportunity to learn Spanish when I was a girl, but ... it's never too late to get in touch with your roots."

Of course, the third and final quote Larson shared was Selena's message of solidarity with those who have been victims of abuse.

"It is difficult to believe that a loved one can mistreat you, but it is possible that you may be victim of family violence. If you are being hit, scared, or abused, you're not alone. Family violence concerns us all."

Larson finished her post by highlighting why Selena was one of the most influential and iconic people of her time.

Larson wrote, "#selenaquintanillawas an American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, model, actress, and fashion designer. Called the Queen of Tejano music, her contributions to music and fashion made her one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of the late 20th century. #wcw"

And Selena fans were overcome with joy because of the love and respect Larson showcased in her post for such a legendary female role model.

Women supporting women is what it's all about!