While the romantic-comedy "La La Land" might have broken the record for the most Golden Globe wins with seven awards at the 2017 Golden Globes, this eight-year-old photographer was the real winner of the night. 

Meet Juanita Hernandez.

While most of us had to enjoy watching the red carpet on TV, this eight-year-old was capturing some of Hollywood's biggest stars at the 74th annual Golden Globes.

Among 60 chosen photographers who got permission to attend the event, Juanita was the youngest.

Although Juanita had never photographed a celebrity before,she was a total natural getting as many pictures as she could throughout the night.

From Amy Adams...

¡Qué linda!

... to Jeremy Renner...

...so many celebrities happily posed for a selfie with Juanita.

Why is she so darn cute?!

But things weren’t always as happy for Hernandez. At just five years old, Juanita was diagnosed with cancer and had one of her kidneys removed.

As a hobby to cope with treatments, her Colombian mamá decided to get Juanita involved with the Pablove Foundation.

The Pablove Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps cancer-stricken children express themselves through the art of photography. 


The third grader told NBC News, "I used to think that nobody would want to play with me, because I had cancer, but then, this program changed me and it changed my mind.”

Juanita also wrote on Instagram

Every picture that I took while I was sick, it reminds me of my past and the difficult times, but also as I look myself now, it reminds me of the great future ahead of me.

The cancer survivor, who graduated from last year's photography summer camp, was sent by the organization to put her photography skills to use at the Golden Globes.

When asked which celebrities she was most excited to meet, Hernandez mentioned Leonardo di Caprio, Sofia Vergara, and Emma Stone. 

Although Juanita wasn't able to get picture with Stone, the eight-year-old did get a selfie with "La La Land" co-star Ryan Gosling. Aww!

Later on in the night, Ryan Gosling scored the best actor award for his work in "La La Land," where he thanked his "sweetheart," Eva Medes. 

Juanita even took a selfie with “Scandal” actress Kerry Washington! Because, hey, why not?

AWWW! Just look at that big smile!

Even "Game of Thrones" actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau revealed that Juanita was the "sweetest photographer on the red carpet."

I think I may have fallen more in love with Ser Jaime Lannister!!! 

Juanita was definitely the real winner of the Golden Globes.

You go, girl! 

h/t: MiTu