The new dance competition series "World of Dance" may have just premiered but there's already one talented person that wowed all the judges — especially Jennifer Lopez.

Diana Pombo is the 11-year-old solo contemporary dancer to watch out for.

Pombo's emotional performance on "World of Dance" left everyone SHOOK.

She gave it her all as she nailed her routine to Sia's "Bird Set Free." It was so good, she received a standing ovation.

No, really; Lopez's look sums up how the whole room was feeling: SPEECHLESS.

After Pombo's qualifying routine was over, Lopez asked, "Where are you from?" to which Pombo responded "Miami, Florida." But Lopez dug deeper and asked her what her background was, and as soon as Pombo said "my parents are from Colombia," J. Lo confirmed her theory:

"Yes, you've got that Latin fire — I can see it in you!"

But this isn't the first time Pombo has auditioned on a dance competition show for a chance to prove to the world what she has to offer.

She was a contestant on "So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation" and made it to the academy round. 

The young Latina has also toured with a world-renowned team of Break the Floor Productions.

And it takes a lot of physical training and 20 hours worth of dance practice every single week to hone her skills and keep her on top of her game.

"I'm working really hard because this is just the beginning of my experience," she told Telemundo.

Thankfully her hard work and dedication to her craft has not gone unnoticed.

According to ESPN, Pombo has won multiple national titles

At just 11 years old she's accomplished more than most do in their lifetime.

Get it, girl!

As J. Lo wrote on her Twitter, "A beautiful, special little girl...#WorldOfDance #Incredible...this is what this completion is all about."

We can't wait to see what other jaw-dropping performances she has in store for us.