Graduation day is more than just receiving a diploma for some; it's a momentous occasion that celebrates all the struggles and hard work to finally "make it." 

Even though it's a significant ceremony, there are those who do not have the luxury of being able to enjoy and memorialize it with their family. 

Laura is a high school senior who knows what it's like to not have your mom witness you crossing that stage and taking pictures that capture such a major accomplishment.

Her mother was deported back to Mexico a couple years ago, but that didn't stop Laura from making sure her mom could have this memory with her.

Brace yourselves, you might need a whole box of tissues for what's coming next...

She went Mexico — with her cap and gown — to take graduation pics with her mom!

This is too pure for words.

THIS is the face of a proud mami.

We see those medals and lanyards of honor!

And just look at the way these two are hugging each other with so much love.

It's such a frame-worthy photo and better than any photo-op with the dean of the school.

Since Laura posted the photos, she's gotten over 4,000 likes with the most accurate responses of how we felt the second we saw her post.

People couldn't get over how inspiring it was and hope that this mother-daughter duo get to see each other regularly.

No matter the distance, Laura was able to prove the she's as strong-willed and determined to succeed just like her mother.

We seriously can't stop ugly crying at how beautiful this is.

There's nothing that compares to a mother-daughter bond.

We reached out to Laura and will keep you updated with any additional information about this sweet moment.