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Latinx graduates across the country are wearing their cap and gowns to receive their diplomas and shake hands with those who helped them get there. But in no way are these ordinary caps. These graduates are going all out with decor that speaks and represents how proud they are to be Latinx.

The Latina behind the #LatinxGradCaps hashtag and founder of Latina Rebels, Priscilla Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez, started the hashtag on May 9th, and ever since it has garnered hundreds of posts.

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It all began when Mojica Rodriguez met with Latina Rebel fans in Chicago who had decked out caps for their graduation the next day. From there she posted a caption encouraging followers to tag LR if they wanted their caps to be featured. And boy did they listen.

“I wanted to have the intentionality of the gender neutral and feminist X in Latinx, while celebrating the grad’s creativity,“ said Mojica Rodriguez when asked what motivated her to start the hashtag.

Mojica Rodriguez herself was not allowed to decorate her own cap, but it’s the caps from the older graduates that she can relate to most. “I graduated with my BA when I was 24 turning 25, because of things related to my migration,” she said, “I was made to feel like that was something to feel embarrassed about, and not something to celebrate due to all the obstacles.”

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If there’s something she wants the outside Latino community to know, it’s that followers of LR are young, woke, and very proud of being Latinxs. “Outsiders of that community need to recognize these beautiful and fervent Latinxs, because they’re going into the workforce and they are about to make demands,” she said.

Click through the slideshow above to see how Latino grads are representing and taking their crafty skills to the next level. Congrats to all the graduates!