In an era where real dating has become almost nonexistent, we'd like to introduce you to a Latina who tells it like it is. Originally from Ecuador, Mariana Palacios is living the single life in New York City and wants to help others navigate the confusing world of millennial dating. She got the idea for the show after breaking up with her boyfriend of three years and found herself lost in a dating world that had completely changed.

“Part of the shock is that once you decide to jump into the pool again, the world has changed, and everybody now is using apps to meet people. Giving this a real chance and credibility wasn't easy. Swiping people away felt weird and impersonal.”

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Her video series would revolve around the success stories, failures, and hilarious moments that come with dating. She hopes to call the show “It’s a Date” to create an outlet for all of the single girls out there trying to find their better half. The show would discuss how dating apps have changed our search for love and the challenges that come with finding the right partner as a Latina.

“We are strong women, but we have a soft, gentle, and nurturing side that, once discovered, is difficult to let go. It may be hard for us to find the right partner, but the best things in life don't come easy.”

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As for dating advice, you’ll have to watch the show to learn all of Mariana’s secrets, but she did leave us with one tip.

“Always wear a smile to a date, the dress is secondary.”