One mention of Frida Kahlo and you automatically envision the iconic painter with her braided hair, floor-length dresses, and signature unibrow. It's the image everyone has come to know and associate with the Mexican artist. It's hard to imagine anything outside of that persona, but there was a time before Frida was Frida.

Here are 11 rare photos of a young Kahlo that give you a glimpse into her childhood — a side of her that's hardly been seen.


Baby Kahlo is the absolute cutest.

You can't help but smile looking at this photo.


It's like she's staring straight into your soul.

She was also serving face before it was a ~thing~.


Being this adorable should be a crime.

And can we also talk about her delicately crossed legs?!


Her face is unmistakable.


She had so much personality at such a young age — just look at her!


Simply beautiful.

We'd also like to point out that she always managed to look SO put together. 


There she is, standing out of the crowd even when they're all wearing the same outfit.


This is everything!

The pose. The outfit. The environment...just, YES. 


We can't believe we hadn't seen these before...


...but we're so happy we have, now.

It's incredible to see the creative genius in a new light.