Rosie Rivera may have grown up with a famous family, but her life has been anything but easy. We recently sat down with the 34-year-old to chat life, love, and the things that make her happiest these days.

In her new memoir, Mis Pedazos Rotos, Rivera opens up about being sexually abused at a young age and how it affected her self-esteem and her relationships. While her road to happiness has been a long one, Rivera hopes her story will inspire others to find the love and strength within themselves, no matter what type of adversity they’re faced with. 

"I want people to not go through this alone," she said. "There are so many lies that go through your head with abuse, so much confusion."

Learning to love herself changed her life, and now Rosie is challenging others to do the same for themselves. "That’s how you’ll be able to receive love from other and really truly give love," she says. "It’s a difficult process to go through, but I am challenging women, and men even, to do it. I think it will be very helpful."

Check out the video above as we chat more with Rivera about the things that make her happiest in life right now.