Salma Hayek’s story about Donald Trump asking her on a date will make you cringe.

On "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah," the Mexican actress confirmed the 45th president of the US did, in fact, make a move on her.

Have your popcorn ready — because Hayek spilled some major tea.

Before she went into details, she let Noah know there wasn't any of THAT grabbing.

Noah was curious about how Trump tried to flirt with Hayek and she said, "He didn't come and try to grab me, for sure."


The next eight words that came out of her mouth were enough proof he's a snake: "I was at an event with my boyfriend... "

"... and then he put his jacket on me because I was cold." 

She went on to explain how Trump introduced himself to the pair and was "super nice" to them the whole time they were talking.

Trump immediately befriended Hayek's boyfriend and even invited him out to dinner.

Trump got along with the two so well, he offered to let them stay at his hotels whenever they were in New York and exchanged phone numbers with them. That was the last time he talked Hayek's man.

Of course, Trump started calling Hayek knowing damn well Hayek had a boyfriend.

But did that stop Trump from pursuing Hayek, even after she reminded him she was with someone else? HELL NO. He told her,

"He’s not good enough for you. Not important. He’s not big enough for you. You have to go out with me."

Trump is so calculated, it's making us uncomfortable — but we're not surprised. This is the same man whose ego is so fragile, he planted a story about "not wanting to go out with Hayek because she was too short."

Guess he can't handle being rejected — especially by a Latina.

You can watch Hayek lay out the facts in her full interview right here:

It starts at the 9:53 mark.