What did we do to deserve Gina Rodriguez?!

Once again, the Latina actress has managed to inject some much-needed good vibes into the world with what she's calling a "self-love movement."

gina rodriguez being amazing
photo: Splash News

Rodriguez's fans — aka "Warriors" — began sending her selfies on Twitter after she started a discussion on confidence and feeling good.

Rodriguez is known to keep it 100 with her fans on the social media site daily.

Just like that, the #SelfiesforGina hashtag was created, and it became a full-blown celebration of empowerment.

A lot of people thanked her for giving them the courage to be their true, authentic selves.

Rodriguez's sweet responses made people feel like she was their best friend.

Her compliments were smile-worthy and so genuine. We can only imagine how the people on the receiving end felt.

The Twitter spree went beyond applauding her fans, though. She wanted them to reflect and realize how great they truly are.

Thank you, Gina, for reminding everyone that it's not selfish to honor your well-being and happiness.

We can't wait for the next lovefest — it's exactly what the doctor ordered!