Selena Quintanilla's legacy lives on through her music as well as the photos, videos, and stories people have shared. While it's painful to think about how she left this world so soon, it's healing to have memories of La Reina; she touched thousands of people's lives.

So when we noticed a raw, unedited 1994 interview of her talking to Ana María Canseco was being shared, we quickly understood why it already has nearly a million views. It shows the Tejano queen in an unfiltered manner. It shows you why the world fell in love with her.

Before the interview even begins, Selena sweetly offers to help fix Canseco's necklace.

It's just like when your friend lets you know you have something in your teeth because they care.

And once the conversation started, she couldn't help but laugh at herself for not fully understanding the first question.

Her response to "How often do you get to relax, if you do get some rest?" was "Mhmm." 

Girl, we have definitely been there before.

As she went on to describe what it's like being on stage, she noticed that she said a word wrong in Spanish and stopped to jokingly ask the interviewer why she didn't correct her.

All with a smile on her face.

Actually, she was laughing the entire time.

Oh, and her reaction to having the title as "La Reina" of Tejano music was peak Selena.

But we did almost lose it the moment she talked about her future hopes and dreams as an artist.

"My plans for the future is to become an international artist — not only of Mexican music but English music as well. I don't have to be successful in the English market, I just have to try to be the best that I can be. And trying is enough for me," she said.

It's one of the most genuine videos we've seen of her. It makes you feel like she could've been your best friend — and it makes us miss her 100x more.

But we're so happy that these clips exist. 

You can watch the full video here:

There really will never be someone quite like her.