Beauty is about more than just lipstick and lashes for this Miami makeup artist — it’s skin deep. That's the premise behind Vanessa Gomez's idea for a makeup series. The name of the show? "Behind the Face," because she believes there is much more to a woman than the makeup she applies to herself — especially when it comes to Latinas.

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“Latinas are beautiful, fierce, and bold. A Latina is not simply a woman who comes from Latin roots. To be a Latina means you put others before yourself. It means you are diligent and relentless to break through any obstacle that life has put before you. It means you never take a single step forward before looking behind to remind yourself of how far you've come.”

Her videos will also include basic-to-advanced makeup tricks and advice on what products are best suited for Latinas. But Gomez also feels a connection with the women who sit in her makeup chair and wants to share that feeling with her audience by letting them in on their stories – she feels that we come together when we share our struggles and successes

“Becoming a Latina cannot be handed down genetically, it comes with experience, through trials and tribulations, for only then can a woman know what it takes to barrel through la lucha . . . what it takes to be a Latina.”
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