photo: Vivala

Many real, bold, and savvy ladies stepped into the Vivala Spotlight for a chance to be the next video star. A panel of judges picked the best of the best entries, out of which five finalists winners will be chosen. One of these slots is in your hands! It's your turn to make a Vivala star by picking the People's Choice contestant. Whoever wins will have her own video series on 

Check out the top 10 entries below with their ideas for an original video series and get your favorite one step closer to the spotlight by voting in the poll at the end. 

Ada Rojas

Social: Instagram: @gypsy_inthecity Twitter: @gypsyinthecity

Motto: “Pain breeds strength. Trust your struggle.” 

Vivala . . . Latinas

Concepción de León

Social: @_missconcepcion

Motto: “Settle in, but don’t settle.”

Vivala . . . diversidad

Katrina Ortiz Katona

Social: @kat_katona

Motto: “She believed she could, so she did.”

Vivala . . . fashion

Madeline Peña

Social: @madelinejpena

Motto: “Put what you want into the universe and go get it; don’t be afraid, and get out of your own way!”

Mariana Palacios Vega

Social: Instagram: @sandruma7 Twitter: @sandru7

Motto: “Enjoy the moment.”

Vivala . . . always!

Maricela & Maritza Huerta

Social: @ma_ritz_ @maricela_huerta_blanco

Motto: “Live like you can blame it on your twin.”

Vivala . . . twogether

Melissa Morales

Social: @melissa_trendalert

Motto: “High fashion trends for the girl-next-door’s budget.”

Vivala . . . trend!

Sharon Gallardo

Social: @sharongc

Motto: “Everything will be Okay, and if it’s not, it’s not the end.”

Vivala . . . Latinoamerica

Tamaya Thomas

Social: Instagram: @tamayathomas Twitter: @tamaya_thomas

Vivala . . . Válido or Valioso

Vanessa Gomez

Social: @vangochi

Motto: “Whoever said makeup was deceiving, didn’t look behind the face.”

Vivala . . . inesperado!

The poll is closed. May your favorite win! Xo