Benjamín Ramírez is a 24-year-old Mexican street food vendor who relies on his food cart to make a living in Los Angeles. Now he has to start all over after a man accosted him and overturned his cart.

A man — who has been identified as Carlos A. Hakas — and his partner, Holly Covella, aggressively approached Ramírez, threatening to move his cart off the sidewalk if he didn't do it.

Hakas told the elotero in Spanish, "Either you move your cart now, or I will."

Apparently he was mad that there wasn't enough room to walk on the sidewalk.

Hakas walks up to Ramírez...

"I was afraid he was going to hit me with something because he came at me with something, so I grabbed my bottle of chili. I meant to throw it in his face but it landed on his chin," Ramírez said.

... and overturns Ramírez's food cart — completely wrecking the property.

The entire altercation was filmed — and it will make your blood boil:

"This is why I'm recording this video. This fucking racist came over here to throw my cart," Ramírez said. The assailant replied, "I'm not a racist, you idiot. You're mentally retarded. I'm Argentinian."

Since the video has gone viral, THOUSANDS have vocalized their anger and disgust with what happened.

The confrontation happened on July 17, but was brought to the public's attention after the video was uploaded to Facebook.

The original video posted by Imelda Reyes has nearly  4 million views, and it was also posted on March And Rally Los Angeles' Facebook page, where it got over 1 million views.

And this wasn't the first time Hakas tried to terrorize Ramírez, either.

In an interview with Univison, Ramírez said that he saw him throughout the week leading up to the incident. Ramírez said, "This week, he [Hakas] would stop in front of me and just stare while I served people their food. He wouldn't say anything because people were there, but he would stare and then walk away." 

The victim's father, Alex, was the one who told his son to film everything because he knew that Hakas had been bullying him.

Alex, who has been a food vendor since 2000, has never experienced something like this and is sad his son had to go through it.

A GoFundMe has been created by street vendors to raise money for Ramírez.

"Like many street vendors in Los Angeles, when equipment is confiscated and/or food is dumped, vendors lose thousands of dollars of their investment that impacts their business and usually their only means of taking care of their family. The City of Los Angeles is one of the only major cities in the country that doesn't have a permit system for sidewalk vendors. This means that street vendors like Andrés run the risk of getting cited or like Benjamin vulnerable to physical attacks," the Equipment for LA Street Vendors campaign reads.

"With the blessing of his family, we want to ensure Benjamin recovers lost wages, damages and costs as well as help for other vendors facing similar situations. A portion of what is raised will go to Benjamin while the rest will go to help vendors in similar situations across our city."

You can donate by clicking here.

"I'd like for him to pay for the damages, and if he can't pay then I'd like for the authorities to do something, to possibly put him in jail."

According to NBC Los Angeles, the officers filed a report for vandalism but no arrests were made. Both Ramírez and Hakas have been summoned to appear in civil court later this week.