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We all know that if we talk about the dining scene in Los Angeles, the first thing that comes to mind is the word tacos. Although tacos are one of the most popular dishes in the city, like burritos, Mexican cuisine is as far-reaching as L.A., so finding quality dishes from different regions of Mexico is not an impossible task. We did the legwork for you, so give it read and let us know if you've tried these places! 

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Chavela is a popular drink prepared in Mexican restaurants and made with Mexican beer and tomato juice. At Culichi Town, you can find this exotic drink served with seafood. We like to call it a Bloody Mary with an upgrade!



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If you haven’t tried the food from Sinaloa, you are definitely missing out! The campechana is an improved seafood cocktail that can be very spicy depending the type of chile that is used to make it. You can find them at El Marinero by Chef Ninive.



This tlayudas are usually loaded with Oaxacan cheese, mole, cecina, and chorizo. A very popular dish in Oaxaca and an enhancement of the boring American pizza. Find the best tlayudas in L.A. at Guelaguetza.


Chiles en Nogada

The Chiles en Nogada are one of the most delicious dishes in Mexican cuisine. Made with chile poblanos and a yummy creamy sweet sauce, be sure to order this when visiting La Casita Mexicana in Bell.



A Mexican torta can be as diverse as a taco. You can find simple ones with ham and cheese, but if you want to eat one outside of the box we recommend trying a Cubana from Torta Company.


Lobster al estilo Baja California

The number of people driving to cross the border to eat Baja California cuisine is mind-boggling. Nowadays it isn’t really necessary, thanks to Playa Amor, a new restaurant in Long Beach proudly serving popular modern Mexican dishes, such as lobster from Puerto Nuevo accompanied with beans, tortillas, and rice.