photo: Buick

With all the directions life pulls us in, finding time to spend with your girls may be even harder. Coordinating schedules with your besties may be tricky, but it’s worth it: Studies show that time spent with friends improves your health in the short term and long run. Did we mention it can also be fun? 

Still need convincing? Here are some reasons you need a girl’s night STAT, plus some great ideas to get you started.


It’ll help you relax!

You'd all love to hit the spa together, but with everyone's schedules bring so different that can't always happen. Homemade treatments are effective and less expensive, too.  Experiment with a bunch of how-tos that you can make with the girls, like oatmeal scrubs, DIY gel manicures, oil treatments, and more. Have everyone bring some essential supplies for an indulgent evening of at-home spa treatments and you’ll feel rejuvenated in skin and spirit.


It’s almost better than therapy.

Connecting with your pals in an environment when you can dish and vent freely allows you to relieve some of the pressure and stress that’s an unfortunate part of our daily lives. Studies have shown that spending time with friends can help with depression and even help prevent signs of aging!


It’s a chance to try something new!

Getting together at home with your pals is perfect for trying out all the crazy projects and recipes you’ve seen in online videos. You can get together and make fun treats, outrageous crafts, or a gourmet meal. Pick the most elaborate or unbelievable projects for maximum fun attempting to recreate them.


You’re waaaaay overdue for a get-together.

You might feel guilty for not checking in on your friends and their families as often as you should. Girls’ night is a great way to reconnect and strengthen your friendship bond. Be there for each other and remind each other that even though life is busy, your love for each other is strong.


You need adult time.

If you’re a mom, sometimes you just need to get away from the kids. Make this the one night you don’t talk about potty training, lunch boxes, temper tantrums, and the rest of it. Pretend that all things kid-related all under control and talk about you for a change.


You want to get back to your roots.

Your friends know everything about you, including how far you’ve come over the years – and how you still have an inner rock star who still deserves to shine sometimes.


It makes you happy!

Being around people who love and care for you does wonders for your happiness. And the way your girls love you is like no other kind of love. These are the chicks that will always have your back no matter what, and being around that kind of energy is a must.


You don’t need to get fancy.

These are the ladies you can literally let your hair down around and they don't judge. They don't care if you’ve put on weight or haven't had a haircut in months. They want to spend time with you, not critiquing you or your comfy, ugly pants. This is the one night you can really not worry about a thing!


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