America Ferrera has been married to Ryan Piers Williams for six years (damn!), but they've been together twice as long. That's right: Ferrera has been in a relationship for 12 years and that's more than enough proof true love does exist — yes, even in Hollywood.

To commemorate over a decade of their beautiful bond, the two took an anniversary trip to Iceland and the photos from the trip will make every hopeless romantic smile.

They set the tone for their epic adventure by eating burgers on a plane because of course.

You know it's real when you can eat a messy, greasy, delicious burger in tight corridors thousands of feet off the ground without worrying they're judging you. True love, y'all. True love.

And when they landed in the Nordic country, they didn't pass up on any photo opportunities, no matter how cheesy they were.

Pretty good-looking vikings, tbh.

Their Blue Lagoon Boomerang clip was hilarious...

Well, we had a nice run. #worthit #bluelagoon

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... and we're really jealous of their bubble tent situation.

We live here now. #buubble #Iceland

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Who said married life is boring?!

It's clear that these two have had a dozen years of fun.

No wonder everyone keeps commenting "goals" on all of their vacation posts!

12 years of this... #HappyAnniversary

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These two are the real deal and our hearts are bursting from how pure their relationship is.