Sex should be fun and full of pleasure, but if you're not careful, it can also be pretty dangerous. Turns out turning up too hard in the bedroom can lead to your partner breaking his penis. Ouch. Hurts just thinking about it. According to Shape sexpert Logan Levkoff, MD, the penis becomes erect when two of it's three cylindrical tubes fills up with blood. The wrong move can cause "awkward traumatic force," resulting in the tubes bending or rupturing leading to a broken penis. 

Typically, when sex-related injuries occur, people delay seeking medical attention, but that's the last thing you or your partner should do. If something feels off and you suspect a penile fracture, get your dude to a doctor ASAP. Though extremely painful and slightly embarrassing, if you experience a mishap during sex, just remember you're not the only one. These people opened up on Reddit all about their dangerous bump-and-grind sessions. Fair warning: Just reading these might make you uncomfortable.

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Reddit user: He_who_knows_little

"The very first time I had sex, I tore my frenulum preputii, the damn thing wouldn't clot so they had to cauterize it and then six months later they cut what remained of it in half so it didn't tear again ... Not the best way to lose one's virginity.

Edit: For those who aren't doctors, flap of skin that connects to bottom of dick head tore, had to burn it with fire."


Reddit user: themodernmanhustle

"Whilst working on a farm a few years back, this girl and I were having a summer fling. It was my last night, so we got fairly drunk and ended up in our room. Key part of the story: our room was in the attic of the barn, above where the goats slept. And we absolutely did not lock the door on the way up, because alcohol.

Fifteen minutes, we hear clip-clops on our floor. I think it's someone coming upstairs, totally ignoring the fact that it was a fucking clip-clop, not footsteps. Because alcohol. And then the goat proceeded to head butt me off of the bed, mid coitus."


Reddit user: PlentyOfMoxie

"I made my girlfriend dinner one time, then the foreplay happened, then came the realization that I had been slicing scotch bonnet peppers bare-handed."

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Reddit user: Doomaflachie

"Parked my MR2 on top of a little hill overlooking a cemetery. We're on a blanket on the ground by the car doin the deed when I hear a weird sound like a spring popped off of something. Then I see my car start to roll away. I was like oh shit!! My boyfriend manages to catch up to my car and hops in the driver's and slams on the brakes. The car definitely stopped, but I didn't -- kept running after it and ran right smack into the ass end of it. I almost ripped off a toenail from the tire and gashed my shin on the exhaust pipe. I'm rolling around crying from pain and the hilarity of what just happened and he's slumped out of the car laughing his ass off. lol Definitely an adventure to remember!"

Reddit user: 0xD153A53

"Girlfriend in uni was on top, riding rather vigorously...On the upswing, she disconnected ever so slightly, but just enough that when gravity asserted itself, horribleness occurred ... The impact folded my rigid junk in half, and coupled with the impact on her pubic bone, left both of us scrambling to opposite corners of the bed holding our respective genitalia, each worried how badly hurt the other person was..."

Reddit user: Baconator6

"I was hooking up with a girl for the first time after we'd been dating for a few weeks. We were at her house, going doggy style on her bed, which happened to be next to a set of cupboards with glass doors. Her bed frame was one of those cheap metal ones with wheels, so the bed was moving all over the place. She leaned back into me pretty hard, and I misjudged where the end of the bed was. This caused me to flip over off the edge of the bed, doing a backwards somersault and bringing her with me in the process. I landed pretty hard on my head, and she ended up putting her knee through the glass causing a giant, bloody gash. I ended up needing to take her to the hospital (via a taxi - - classy) so that she could get 11 stitches. On the way to the hospital, in the taxi, I realized that in all the blood-induced panic I'd forgotten to take the condom off. Yanked it off and threw it out the taxi window (double classy)."