Selena Quintanilla and Chris Perez's love story is one people can't get enough of. And because their time together was cut short, it's left us even more curious about the pair's beautiful relationship.

Thankfully, Chris has shared some of their intimate moments with the public — like their marriage license on their anniversary — and hasn't stopped because he knows the impact Selena left on the world. And his latest story is another reminder of just how perfect these two were for one another.

Perez took to his Facebook to share a funny and sweet memory with his fans, saying he remembered it after listening to a song.

He wrote,

"Just heard this song again tonight from one of my favorite bands #Extreme...and I had a memory...late night in our Los Angeles hotel room @the Bel'age on the Sunset Strip...Selena was craaaaaashed out and I was still up in bed watching some super late night tv show (as usual, LOL!). My absolute FAVORITE band at the time was #EXTREME...and I hear the host say, "we'll be right back with Extreme!" What do you think I did? Damn right...I started waking her up (which was a super NO NO) and saying, "WAKE UP! Extreme is coming on and they're playing their new single!" She woke up, stayed up with me, and we JAMMED this song while we watched the LIVE performance for the first time together on tv. This is the exact same performance. YouTube, I LOVE you!"

US after reading his post:

Of course everyone else had the same reaction, too.

It's clear that these two had the strongest bond, and it's heartbreaking to think of what their lives could have been like.

Chris is allowing people to feel a tiny bit of what he was able to experience with her. He's giving people the chance to know her in a way that makes her feel like family.

Selena was taken from the world far too soon, and it's part of the reason why these stories matter so much: They keep her memory alive.