1. The bride freaks out. Cuban girls are control freaks (jk, I know not every Cuban girl is), so you know the bride is about to panic about every little detail that could go wrong. 

2. Your mom will cry. A lot. Let's be real: Moms will always cry at weddings, but there's nothing like a Cuban mother crying. She just can't believe her little girl is all grown up, and the waterworks prove that. 

3. The groomsmen are late. All of them. Like, really late. Cuban time is a real thing, you guys. 

4. Grandma will bless you. And secretly hope that you don't get divorced, lest you bring disgrace upon the entire family (jk again — I know people get divorced, and it's not the end of the world). 

5. All the tías get together and gossip. There's nothing more entertaining than a bunch of Cuban aunts at a wedding. They will sit in a corner and gossip the night away. Popular topics of conversation include: Is the bride pregnant? And did the family go bankrupt to pay for this party? But you know that they mean well, and you love them for who they are. 

6. Your dad finally accepts his new son-in-law. Cuban dads are tough to crack. While he's shaking the groom's hand, he might be thinking, "If you hurt her, I'll kill you." But once you're in, you're in for life, and he'll love you like his own. 

7. Your uncle will get drunk. Really drunk. Yes, you told him to behave, but after his sixth shot, he's just living his best, belligerent life. (I mean, it's a wedding! Can't really blame him.)

8. Two words: Cuban cigars. It's not a proper Cuban wedding without them. 

9. Someone starts the rueda. Is it even a Cuban wedding if no one starts the rueda de casino? This particular salsa dance involves everyone getting in a circle and sort of passing dancers around (it's more fun than it sounds, I promise). It's both intricate and awesome. 

10. Celia Cruz songs play on repeat all night. You already know: AZUCAR!

11. Everyone refuses to go home. The venue may have said "Lights out at midnight," but you know there's no such thing as a Cuban party that ends early.