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The first day of fall can only mean one thing: It is time to draft picks for cuffing season. That's right, the cool breeze that lets us know that summer is ending is already creeping in and before you know it, it will be too cold to have any desire to leave your house. If you are looking for a Mr. Right Now to cuddle with and keep you warm during the upcoming winter hibernation period, hurry up and start hunting now before visions of sugar plums dance in your head.

Every successful hunter has a well thought out strategy before hitting the field so we are here to make sure you put your best foot forward.

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Run for it

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The summer sun may have made you think twice about going for a jog but the fall’s gentler weather is the perfect invitation to hit the pavement. You could fly solo or bond over shin splints with your potential running mate. Massages may be in order.


Make the most out of your gym visits

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If you’re not above playing damsel in distress, try one of the oldest tricks in the book to get a conversation going with your gym crush: Ask for help. Whether it’s showing you how to use a tricky machine that you just can’t figure out (lies!) or asking him to spot you while you lift, by the time he finds out that you already know the ropes it will be too late — you have him in your clutches


Upgrade your profile

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When was the last time you updated your online dating profile with a fresh photo? Give your future seasonal honey a warm feeling by styling yourself with the coziest hat and scarf you can find. Bonus points if you’re holding a mug of hot chocolate.


It’s all in the details

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Why stop at your profile picture when you can revamp the about section of your profile with fall and winter appropriate interests? Trade long walks on the beach for book readings with hot cider or Sunday Night Football. What sane man could resist?


Football is your friend

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Speaking of Sunday Night Football, sports bars will be crawling with guys looking to catch some games. Hit one of your local spots and who knows? You may end up finding some buried treasure in the sea of frogs.


Like fine wine

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If you’re more of a wino, find a like-minded mate at a wine tasting event. Say you find a cutie who can appreciate a selection a cut above a cardboard-deaux. It can’t get any better than that.

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Hit up an art crawl

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Are you an art enthusiast? Try your luck at an art gallery opening. You may end up with a beau that has a way with words (and hands).


Natural selection

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Cut the games and try your hand at speed dating. Find out if you have chemistry right off the bat in a group setting of people who are looking for a special someone and let the games begin.


Serving with benefits

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Seize the good karma that comes with volunteering: Give back to the community and find yourself a giving partner while you’re at it. Try your hand at a soup kitchen or working with children. You may find a love worth keeping way past the Ides of March.