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Excuse us if we sound like a broken record, but we cannot strop stressing that dating is hard. Putting yourself out there is terrifying, exhilarating, and straight-up time-consuming. So when you hit it off with someone and are ready to embark on the first official date, you pray that it turns out okay. See, even an "okay" date is good for us because it means that there's hope for the next one. But if you sabotaged your chances, it can leave you feeling jaded and unsure if you should dive right back into the dating pool. It's hard to pinpoint what went wrong or why the chemistry might have been off, but there's a group of Redditors that are spilling the cold-hard truth. In a recent thread, people opened up about the biggest no-no's and turnoffs that you could do during a first date. So if you've had some bad luck in your dating life or want to see if your values align with theirs, keep on reading.

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Reddit user: bolognahole

"Complaining about anything. A first date should be fun."


Reddit user: funzo1031

"A flow chart of your sexual needs/expectations."


Reddit user: OutlandishManners

"Being too pretentious or condescending."


Reddit user: NichtDeutsch88

"Talking about your future children."


Reddit user: tuskvarner

"Looking at your phone. Don't even touch it for the entire time that you are with the person. For the first couple dates really."


Reddit user: AndyWarwheels

"I would reserve farting until at least the second date."


Reddit user: Prof_Insultant

"Talking about your ex."


Reddit user: Bacon_Hero

"Opening up too much. A first date is a test for compatibility. They don't need to know your deepest intricacies and they probably don't want to yet."


Reddit user: casscakes95

"Taking your date to hooters."


Reddit user: PremeditatedLie

"Being to clingy or creepy, no chance for a second date."


Reddit user:

"Discussing who should going to pay before even getting to the restaurant."


Reddit user: chkachkaboomb00m

"Wearing cargo shorts."