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Who knew that cleaning up your place could impact your sex life? As it turns out, doing housework is an incredible turn-on that can ignite those hot and heavy moments. But there's a catch: Your partner has to help with the labor, too.

According to a new study that will be published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, challenging gender norms could be the key to better sex. Sharon SasslerCornell professor and co-author of the report, writes, "Contemporary couples who adhere to a more egalitarian division of labor are the only couples who have experienced an increase in sexual frequency compared to their counterparts of the past. Other groups – including those where the woman does the bulk of the housework – have experienced declines in sexual frequency." If there was ever a time that you questioned feminism, let this remind you that it plays a huge factor in your sexual satisfaction.

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The new study delved into data from the early '90s and debunks the old-school ideology that women doing a majority of household chores was correlated to an increase in sexual intercourse. The press release called outNew York Times Magazine cover story on equal but sexless marriages that was published in 2014 to highlight just how the quickly the dialogue is shifting.

Quartz reporter Jenny Anderson explores more of the new study's findings and writes, "Couples who reported sharing housework equally had sex 6.8 times per month, on average, or about once more per month than those where the woman does more “routine housework." (The study defines "routine housework" as things such as preparing and cooking meals, washing dishes, cleaning around the house, shopping for groceries, and doing laundry.)

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See, sharing chores doesn't always have to be boring. Smashing patriarchal views and finding balance in your relationship is helping, not hindering, what goes on behind those bedroom doors. So the next time your partner wants to chill while you do the dishes or fold laundry, remind them just how hot and bothered you get when they wash the dishes or grab the broom to sweep the floors.