Life is full of stressful situations — prepping for a huge presentation, moving to a new place, deciding what to eat for dinner (just keepin' it real). 

Yet for some reason, the most nerve-racking of all is meeting your partner's parents for the first time. 

What if they don't like you? What if you really don't like them? Honestly, both of those outcomes are out of your control, but that doesn't mean you should leave it all up to fate...

Here are 10 ways to prepare for meeting the parents. 


Be on time!

This is going to set the tone for the remainder of the time you hang out with the familia. You don't want this to immediately be your first strike — plan accordingly. 


Remember their name(s).

If they introduce themselves too quietly or quickly, don't be shy about asking them to repeat themselves. Better to ask again from the get-go than to forget their name after you've been hanging out and talking for an hour...


Bring a little gift.

Coming with a small gift of appreciation will put you in their good graces and also help get the conversation flowing. Flowers and snacks are always good; just ask about allergies beforehand. 


Be interested in what they have to say, but don't be a try-hard.

No one likes a brown-noser. Even though they're your partner's parents, at the end of the day they're just people. 


Balance listening to their stories with sharing some of your own.

Of course it's polite to let them open up to you, but don't be shy. Open up — to your comfort level, of course — and let your personality shine through!


Ask about your bae's childhood.

This is a great ice-breaker that will give you a glimpse into their family dynamic.


If family drama starts up, remain neutral.

Do not — we repeat, DO NOT — agree, disagree, or make any commentary on any family fights that may arise. You don't need to add your two cents here.

If you feel uncomfortable, politely excuse yourself and get some fresh air. The way you handle this situation can affect how they judge you in the future.


Respect cultural differences.

Take this as an opportunity to learn from each other's differences. Who knows, maybe your partner might learn a thing or two as well.


Offer to help clean up.

This is common courtesy and will score much-needed brownie points.


Be your confident, true, honest self

Easier said than done, BUT: it's the key to beginning a genuine relationship with bae's parents.