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So you’ve decided to give online dating a shot. You set up your profile, wrote up a super witty blurb about yourself, but for some reason unbeknownst to you, you’re just not finding as many connections as you were hoping for. Well, a new study shows more success in online dating could be as easy as switching up your profile picture.

Wait, say what?

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Yup, new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), suggests good posture could make you more attractive in online dating. Findings of two different studies tested photos of individuals with outstretched arms and expanded torsos against photos of people who were hunched over with crossed arms, finding the first group had nearly double the success than the latter.

It’s called "postural expansiveness," which basically suggests that by physically taking up more space, we look more attractive to those around us.

"We've seen it in the animal world, that taking up more space and maximizing presence in a physical space is used as signal for attracting a mate," said Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk, the co-author of the study. "By exerting dominance they're trying to signal to a potential mate 'I am able to do things, I have a space in this hierarchy, I have access to resources."

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While, as humans, we're not exactly fighting for dominance out in the wild, it certainly makes sense that simple nonverbal behavior like posture could trigger some primal instinct in us. So if good posture is the secret to dating, we'd  say it's worth a try. 

Guess Abuela was onto something when she was telling us to stand up straight all those years.

Do you think good posture could improve your online dating experience?

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