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For starters it’s not really Charlie Sheen’s condom, it’s LELO’s, the makers of the best damn adult toys I’ve ever owned. Sheen is just helping them launch their first and only condom, which is aiming to change the game and the way we have sex completely: the LELO HEX.

LELO says theirs is the first major innovation made to the condom in 70 years. Instead of adding ribs or more lube for our pleasure, they took a look at the actual structure of the condom and found a way to make it both stronger and thinner. Hence the name! HEX condoms integrate 350 individual hexagons throughout the surface, mimicking the properties of graphene (which is about 100 times stronger than steel and one of the thinnest materials known to man).

“There’s a reason why honeycombs are the shape they are, and why snake scales move the way they do,” says Filip Sedic, inventor of the LELO HEX. “It’s because hexagons are strong, symmetrical, and tessellate perfectly. They are nature’s go-to shape for anything that needs to be at once lightweight and incredibly strong.”

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Note how with one poke, a regular condom splits apart. But with LELO HEX you can poke that sucker all day and it absorbs the shock. We even poured water over the beaker at the premier event and it never leaked through.

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At the launch party, LELO had us jab pins into the condoms to show how the new structure channels unwanted stress. They also explained how the condoms set out to solve three of the biggest reasons dudes hate wearing them:

  1. Slippage

  2. Breakage

  3. Reduction of pleasure

Been there. Heard that. But after shamelessly stretching the sucker over my arm in broad daylight (10 feet away from Real Housewife Carole Radziwill, nonetheless), I really was impressed. Not only was the condom probably big enough to fit over Dwayne Johnson’s entire body, but it felt promising and different. I wanted to try it out — for you, for me, and for vaginas everywhere!
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So I texted my neighborhood Snack and dropped a few lines about lending his penis to journalism. He's like a 70-year-old man trapped inside a 28-year-old’s body who doesn’t really understand things like iTunes and sex toys. But he does understand my insane schedule and deep need to be kissed and have orgasms, and for that I am eternally grateful for him living only three blocks away. After assuring him of his anonymity and the cosigning of Charlie Sheen, he actually agreed to give them a whirl.

Side note: Thank you, Snack, for your willingness to share your body, bed and beer with me on a weekly basis. And more importantly, your diligence to always put on a condom. You’ve never asked me if you need to wear one, or accidentally played just the tip first. You strap it on like it’s using toothpaste or washing dishes — like it’s just something you’re naturally supposed to do. I can only wish more young men would be just like you. Thank you.

Test Number 1: The Drunk Test
Real talk: The first time we tried the condoms Snack was drunk as sh*t. I didn’t realize it at first because he has that abuelo swagger that kinda hides it so well. But after watching him tumble out of his gray suit and listening to him slur out the events of his day, I started to think that Snack was waaaay too lit to keep it up in a latex hat. Even if it was suppose to be the G.O.A.T. — rarely is a condom a drunk man’s best friend.

Much to my surprise, Snack was on it — he caught my vibe and soon enough, I was waking up neighbors and burning off my dinner calories.

Verdict: This condom is a drunk man’s best friend. While he didn’t finish (LELO can’t solve every problem), Snack was quick to note: “I’m still hard, so . . . that’s a bonus!” The condom didn’t feel constrictive in any way and he stayed harder for noticeably longer than usual for a drunk dude.
Test Number 2: Does It Slip?
When I first saw the condom at the LELO HEX event I couldn’t help but to notice the length. It’s loooooong. Immediately I thought that was going to be a problem — but according to the makers the hexagonal structure actually adheres to any penis shape, making it fit perfectly to any man wearing it.

Snack and I tried the condoms again a few days later, both sober and willing to be as studious about the affair as possible.

Verdict: First thing he said after we were done was: “They fit really good!” Which was surprising, because I think the condom seems two times longer than the average penis. But according to Snack, the fit was just perfect. “Lots of times, condoms will bunch up for me at the tip,” he says. “But this just stayed even the whole time. I liked it.”

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Test Number 3: Does It Break?
We didn’t stretch the condom across opposite sides of Fifth Avenue and see if a monster truck could drive through it or anything like that, but we did slap it up, flip it, and rub it down a few times. And he dropped about three days of man juice into the latex basket.

Verdict: “It didn’t break,” he noted out loud. “So praise the Lord.” I didn’t think he was religious, but whatever, it was true for us twice.

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Test Number 4: Did It Reduce Pleasure?
In addition to its hexagonal structure, LELO HEX condoms are also made to be ultra-thin, using 0.45 mm latex panels to create its hexagonal webbing. “We did this because people need to be having great, safe sex today,” says the condom's inventor, after spending nearly seven years in development.

So did it work? Was seven years worth all the effort to make world’s most innovative condom?

Verdict: Totally. Both of us quickly agreed that it almost felt like you weren’t even wearing a condom at all. It didn’t make me feel dryer or more irritated, nor make him feel like he had to keep checking to see if the thing was on. Even though the price point will land you around $20 for 14 of them, and you can only buy them online, they were amazing enough that I already preordered my very first box. I’m sure they’ll become a staple in my safe-sex practices from now on.

Good job, LELO! 

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