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Sex is often glamorized as a romantic adventure between two people madly in love as they get tangled in their sheets. Other times, people really make it out to be a porn-like kink fest. There's truth in both scenarios — there are millions of ways to get it on and to get off — but no one ever really talks about the lackluster in-between moments. Sure, there are movies that have the token super awkward sex scene, but it doesn't really cover all the grounds of how unsexy sex can be at times. Maybe this is why an Ask Reddit forum popped up where people revealed the non-seductive mishaps that occur when they're in the heat of passion. Keep on reading below to see what these people had to say (they did NOT hold back).  

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Reddit user: Hoodafakizit

"Desperately trying to hold in a fart during a 69ing session." 


Reddit user: Zetirix

"The clean up."


Reddit user: hannahbird95

"Does anybody else have the occasional fart-noise coming from chest to chest contact?" (We'd like to point out that people did respond and are familiar with the "chest queef" the user was referring to.)


Reddit user: 90xGin

"Getting hair in your mouth and trying to fish it out." 


Reddit user: dave_v

"Unplanned pregnancy. - the worry, the fear and surprise. The pain, the anguish, the self loathing, an uncertain future, lifestyle change, career ending change. The empowerment, the joy, the sudden maturity.

Young adults - sex is awesome but be careful." 


Reddit user: iStankonia

"Holding in a fart for 15-18 minutes. Or your leg cramping right as you cum." 


Reddit user: HarvardStudier

"The queef."


Reddit user: Warmth_of_the_Sun

"The smell."


Reddit user: carbondnb

"Putting your socks back on afterwards."


Reddit user: pen15es

"When you realize your cat is laying on the bed and won't leave."


Reddit user: Cyeric85

"Poop on the dick... just no."


Reddit user: I_sniff_books

"Whenever my throat gets a little dry and I'm moaning. I have to lay there and do this incredibly loud swallow mid moan and it just seems so awkward."


Reddit user: Deviant_Oil

"The look of disappointment on her face."