Jennifer Lopez isn’t shy when it comes to giving credit to the people who matter most in her life. She’s always taking time to gush over her kids, her younger sister, Lynda, and even her bestie, fellow actor Leah Remini. But there’s one important person we haven’t really heard much about until now: J. Lo’s dad. 

In a recent interview with Today, J. Lo opened up about her relationship with her father, David Lopez, admitting she’s a total daddy’s girl.

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"I feel like he's always been proud, since I was like running track when I was 9 or 10 years old," she told Today’s Hoda Kotb about her dad. "He was like, 'My daughter runs track!' . . . It just didn't matter to him. He was just proud of me."

She also said that when it comes to the peopke in her life who really understands her, her dad tops the list. “He really thinks about what I go through as opposed to just what I have,” she explained. “He said to me one time, ‘I just want you to know of all the people in the world, there’s one person who just loves you and doesn’t want anything from you.' It was just, like, Wow . . . I have a lot of love in my life," she said.

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If that’s not the best dose of parent support you’ve ever heard, we don’t know what is. And in case that didn’t give you enough of the feels, check out these adorable photos of J. Lo and her proud papi.

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