Justin Baldoni is DAD GOALS — there is really no other way to describe him. 

This man loves — and we mean, really loves — his family in that fairy tale kind of way. It's the type of love that makes people think, "How is this level of happiness even real?!" It's the sort of love that makes people say, "OMG, I'm going to cry because everything about his family is too sweet and I can't handle it."

See where we're going with this?

And his Instagram account is all the proof you need to see just how proud he is to be a father.

We've rounded up 31 of the "Jane the Virgin" actor's cutest parenting posts, even though this list could have been endless. Hope you're ready for the adorable overload.


He shared the moment his daughter, Maiya, was born with the most tear-jerking words we've ever read.

He wrote

"This moment is perhaps the single greatest, and transformative moment of my life.
This is the moment I realized the sheer power, strength, and resilience of the feminine. 
This is the moment I touched the miracle of life.
This is the moment I realized how small I am, and how infinite our design is. 
This is the moment I realized that birth and death are actually the same - depending on what side you're on.
This is the moment I fell madly in love with my wife...again. 
This is the moment I fell madly in love with my daughter. 
This is the moment I became a man. 
And it's all because of women."


And it has been non-stop beautiful post after beautiful post since then.


It's so heartwarming.


He and his daughter are inseparable.


But on the days they're apart, they FaceTime each other.

We can't even get a call back from our moms.


Don't even get us started on the level of appreciation he shows for ALL the parents out there.

"I have so much respect to ALL the parents out there who do everything they can to find balance in their lives while working, but especially to all the moms who have to leave their little ones to go to work in order to put food on the table," Baldoni's caption read.


Being a dad has already taught him so much.

"Now that it's 2017 it'd be super awesome to allow men to change our children's diapers in the Men's room because, well...daddies change diapers too.
On behalf of dads everywhere,
Thanks for understanding."


His views on masculinity deserve a standing ovation.

"To all my brothers, dudes, homies and friends. I wonder if together we can begin to shift our ideas about masculinity? What if an aspect of manhood wasn't just men being proud of our abs...but men being proud of our daughters?"


And the messages he writes to his daughter will make you ugly cry like there's no tomorrow.

"#dearmaiya, I don't know what's waiting on the other side of this door. I don't know what today will bring. I don't know the future of our country, your future or mine. I really don't know anything. But what I do know is that I have a dream for you. A dream that you will grow up in a world where people see each other not for their differences but for the similarities. Where instead of being nice as a formality, we are nice because we can't imagine being anything else. A world where when we turn on the news we see things that make us smile and inspire us. Where there are no more children or innocent souls dying at the hands of those lusting after power or mistaken religious ideals, and where every nation sees its borders as exactly what they are… imaginary lines drawn in the sand that no longer separate us but connect us. I dream for a world that wont see you as just a beautiful woman and sexualize you one day… but will see you as you were meant to be seen - a handmaiden of God created noble and uniquely set to leave your mark on the world in a way that only you can. I dream that one day we will witness elections where the candidates don't want to run and instead as `Abdu'l-Bahá tells us "will see this responsibility as a burden and feel they are incapable of such a task. Where they are voted in by their constituents based on humility and acts of service instead of on political campaigning, dollars and special interests. And finally, I dream of a world that realizes quite simply that we are all "The fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch." That we are all one. We come from the same place, we will be going to the same place, and when that day comes the only thing we will be able to take with us are our actions. Not the words we write or speak … but "pure and goodly" deeds that we leave behind. 
I know I dream big my dear Maiya, but I also believe that through God, anything is possible. We may never know where a door will lead, but we can always be ready to greet whatever is on the other side with a smile, a prayer and a little bit of faith that everything will work out exactly as it's supposed to. 


OMG, and the selfies!


How can you not smile while looking at them?!


They're just too cute!


Even his sponsored posts about diapers are the best.


We never knew an #ad could make us feel this type of way.

Yes, this photo is an ad — and probably the only ad that will make you tear up.


You knew you weren't going to make it through this article without seeing pics of his wife, Emily, right?


They belong in those stock photos for frames because they're picture-perfect.


From cuddles in bed...


... to holidays...


... to hilarious birthday celebrations...


...this family is living their happiest lives together.


It's clear that their bliss is contagious, too.


Let's also have a moment for all of the glorious video documentation he shares with the world.

Something tells me I won't be laughing in about 15 years... #dearmaiya #slowdown #9months @lexususa

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It's so beautiful.

Of course he includes Maiya in the salsa lessons with his wife.



It makes sense why his comments are full of crying and heart emojis.


And guess what? He and his wife are expecting their SECOND child!


So get ready for double the amount of feel-good Baldoni daddy posts!

This family is the gift that keeps on giving, honestly.